What to MINE after Ethereum POS ETH 2.0

What Can I Mine With GPU After Ethereum 2.0 – ETH POS?

Every year miracles happen in the crypto world and small coins explode by thousands of percent due to their proper development. Sometimes it is good to mine a low hash coin with low network difficult because you will get more coins per day. If you see great potential in the development of a coin the current price during mining sometimes is not so important.

Maybe most big miners will focus on the most profitable coin after Ethereum POS, which is normal, but it’s good to be familiar with the characteristics of the coin you are mining.

In the following table I have collected a few coins that may be the target of ETH miners after Ethereum POS.

Make your own research!

What to MINE after Ethereum POS 2.0

Specification / Coin
Launch DateJuly 31, 2015January 3rd, 2018January 10, 2014July 1, 2019January 3, 2019October 31, 2014
Max Supply210,700,000January 3rd, 201884,000,00097,739,924262,800,00021,400,000
GPU Mining+ 3 GB GPU+ 4 GB GPU+ 2 GB GPU+ 3 GB GPU+ 4 GB GPU+ 5 GB GPU
Easy Mine & GameNoNoYes - One Click MinerNoNoNo
Block Time13 seconds1 minute2.5 minutes2 minutes1 minute5 minute
Initial Rewards5 ETC / block5,000 RVN / block50 VTC / block75 ERG / block80 BEAM / block50 FIRO / block
Current Reward2.56 ETC / block2,500 RVN / block12.50 VTC / block63 ERG / block40 BEAM / block12.5 FIRO / block
Last 30 Days510,426 coins108,000,000 coins216,000 coins1,360,800 coins1,728,000 coins108,000 coins
Next HalvingMay 2024January 2026December 2025every 3 monthsJanuary 2025September 2024
Next Reward2.048 ETC / block1,250 RVN / block6.25 VTC / blockdepends on the date25 BEAM / block6.25 FIRO / block
Then 30 Days408,340 coins54,000,000 coins108,000 coinsdepends on the date1,080,000 coins54,000 coins
% Core Team etcNo, but there is a debatNo! Fair DistributionNo! Fair DistributionYes! 10% (first 2 years)Yes! 25% (first 5 years)Yes! 15% (each block)
Lightning NetworkNoYesYesNoNoNo
More Info on Coinmarketcap.comEthereum Classic marketcap and chartRavencoin marketcap and chartVertcoin marketcap and chartErgo marketcap and chartBeam marketcap and chartFiro (Zcoin) marketcap and chart
Official websiteethereumclassic.orgravencoin.orgvertcoin.orgergoplatform.orgbeam.mwfiro.org
Specification / CoinEthereum ClassicRavencoinVertcoinErgoBeamFiro (Zcoin)


What coin to mine with GPU?

According to websites What to Mine, Nice Hash you could mine several cryptocurrency without ASIC  in their network.

  1. Vertcoin
  2. Ravencoin
  3. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  4. Firo
  5. Beam
  6. Ergo

Last update: 06-2022

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