Vertcoin Solo Mining

Solo mining refers to the process where a miner attempts to find new blocks on his own, without joining a mining pool. Vertcoin (VTC) is a cryptocurrency that, similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, can be mined. It was designed with the intention of keeping mining decentralized. Vertcoin uses the Verthash mining algorithm, which is intended to resist centralization by being ASIC-resistant.

General steps to guide you through the process solo mining

Hardware Setup for Vertcoin solo mining

You can use GPUs (like NVIDIA and AMD) for mining Vertcoin due to its ASIC-resistant nature. The more powerful the GPU, the better your chances of successfully mining a block.

Wallet Setup for Vertcoin solo mining

Before you start mining, you’ll need a Vertcoin wallet to store your rewards. Download the official Vertcoin wallet from the Vertcoin website and set it up. Ensure you backup your wallet and keep your private keys safe.

Mining Software for Vertcoin solo mining

There are various mining software options compatible with Vertcoin and the Verthash algorithm. Some popular choices include VerthashMiner. Download and install your chosen software.

Configuration for Vertcoin solo mining

To solo mine, you need to set up the miner to point at your wallet. In the configuration file or via the command line of your mining software, you will set it to mine to your wallet’s address and specify that you are solo mining. You’ll also need to ensure that your Vertcoin wallet or a vertcoind instance is running and synced with the network.

Start Mining Vertcoin

Once everything is set up, run your mining software. If everything is configured correctly, your software will start hashing, attempting to find the next block.

Vertcoin Rewards

If you successfully mine a block while solo mining, the entire block reward will go to your specified Vertcoin address. Note that while the reward is higher than sharing in a pool, the occurrence might be infrequent, especially if you don’t have a lot of hashing power.

Monitoring and Optimization Vertcoin mining

Keep an eye on your mining rig. Ensure it doesn’t overheat and that it’s running efficiently. Over time, you may want to tweak settings or overclock your GPU for better performance, but always ensure stability and safety.

Vertcoin Solo Mining step by Step

Vertcoin solo mining setup step by step on windows! A brief write up on how to solo mine Vertcoin via Vertcoin Core.

Requirements for Vertcoin Solo mining

  • Fully Synced Vertcoin core wallet
  • Verthash Miner

1 step

Download the Official Vertcoin Core wallet from the Vertcoin website ( follow the prompts for install and let the core wallet sync with the blockchain.

2 step

After the core wallet sync is complete navigate to settings and click options

vertcoin solo mining step one

After selecting options on the main tab you will see “Open Configuration file” click the button to open it up

vertcoin solo mining step two

3 step

When you first open your configuration file It will be a blank text document. You can use whatever program you like to edit it, I personally use Notepad++ (you can download it here—> for editing.

You will need to add a few lines of text in this file, this needs to be done so the miner can communicate with the network, below are what I used in my config file.








When done it should look something like this.

vertcoin solo mining step three

Now you can save and close the Config file, After saving the config file close and reopen the vertcoin core wallet.

4 step

Now Navigate to

And download Verthash miner.

5 step

Create a folder on your desktop that you can download the miner to, you will need to add an exclusion in windows defender for this folder as it flags the miner as malware (This is normal!) 

Search Windows Security and select it.

vertcoin solo mining step four

Click on Virus & threat protection

vertcoin solo mining step five

Select manage settings

vertcoin solo mining step six

Scroll down to the bottom and select “Add or remove exclusions”

vertcoin solo mining step seven

Select “Add and Exclusion” and select folder, navigate to your desktop (or wherever you created the folder you’re going to save the miner) and select that folder, as you can see from my screenshot, I saved my folder on the desktop and just named it “Crypto Stuffs”.

6 step

Extract the miner and open the folder, follow the readme within the miner folder for setting it up.

7 step

When you have completed the setup (Creating your config file ect) go into the folder the miner is downloaded to, right click and select “open in terminal”.

vertcoin solo mining step eight

Using the settings you set in the Vertcoin core config run the command in the terminal window for verthashminer this is my terminal window as an example. you may need to set “run as administrator” compatibility for verthashminer by right clicking verthashminer > selecting properties > clicking compatibility > and checking the box for run as administrator.

vertcoin solo mining step nine

Yours will differ from mine as you will be using your Vertcoin wallet address (Unless you really want to mine coins to my wallet LOL)

If setup correctly you should see something like this

vertcoin solo mining step ten

You are now mining vertcoin solo!


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