How to mine Vertcoin

How to mine Vertcoin using One Click Miner

How to mine cryptocurrency VTC with Vertcoin One click miner step by step


This video is a tutorial on how to use the Vertcoin one click miner. It’s pretty simple to do but there are some prerequisites which we’ll go through in this video.

Graphics Drivers

First of all you want to make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date so the link for both the AMD and Nvidia drivers will be in the description they both have automatic detection and installation tools which makes it really simple.


There are some limitations on which graphics cards you can run the main one being has to have two gigabytes on free ram or higher and for the AMD gpus they have to have gcn 1.0 or later and Nvidia gpus have to have compute capability 3.0 or later. If this sounds kind of foreign to you most likely it will work any of the recent cards should have more than two gigabytes of vram and the architecture should be much newer than the ones here. I f you are confused there are Wikipedia pages where you can check the architecture so if it says terrascale it won’t work if it’s gcn it will and also if it’s rdna.  I’ll scroll down find one and if it’s rdna it will also work and for the Nvidia page they have their own page. If you scroll down go to Geforce and titan products you can check the compute capability of your exact card you do have to be a bit careful because sometimes even with the exact same card they have different compute capabilities. So gt 730 for example is 3.5 but the ddr3 version is 2.1 which won’t work and even in the same generation so the gt630 is 2.1 and if we look at the gt650 it’s 3.0 so this will work and the gt 630 won’t work.

Create folder and Exclude from AV

Before you download the one click miner a good thing to do is to create a folder. You can make this folder wherever you want but for the purposes of this video i’m going to do in the downloads folder which is c users followed by your username and then downloads so i’m going to right click hit new and then new folder and i’m just going to call it OCM. Once that’s done we can head on over to windows security to add an exclusion so it doesn’t incorrectly flag it as malware. So we go over to windows security then virus and threat protection and then virus and threat protection settings and then manage settings scroll down to exclusions and we’ll add the folder that we just created. So the OCM folder in the downloads folder so the path is the same as before and then OCM and we’ll just select that folder just as an example of what happens if we don’t add the exclusion sometimes when you go to download the file windows defender will automatically get rid of it. Because of it being coin mining software which sometimes other programs including the background without people realizing but in this case we know it’s a coin miner.

Download and Install One Click Miner

So now we can go ahead and install the one click miner so if we hit download vertcoin one click miner on the homepage then github latest release scroll down a bit and go to the latest pre-release and then hit assets and then windows and we don’t want the debug version. So we’ll download this into the OCM folder we created earlier and then we’ll just hit save and then we’ll go over to the ocm folder and extract that file so just click on the file then at the top extract all and then click extract and the folders should show up in the same folder as the file that’s in so if we enter that folder and double click on that coin ocm sometimes even then windows still blocks it from running so if you hit more info and then run anyway you’ll be able to run the one-click miner.

Set Password

The first time you open it you’ll have to set a password so make sure something that you’ll remember and also something that is secure.

Verthash File Creation

Once you hit start mining it will check if your gpu is compatible and then it will created hash data file. Ad it is actually creating this vert hash data file and not downloading it so it may take several minutes depending on your cpu and some of your other pc specs.


Once that’s done it will start mining straight away and you’ll be able to see your spendable balance as well as how much you’re expected to earn.

Sending Coins

Once you’ve been mining for a little while and your spendable balance gets to 0.1 third coins you should be able to send your coins. And you can send this to wherever you want it could be an exchange or another wallet that you use. So if you just paste in a receiving address so i’m just going to generate one in bitcoin core i’m going to hit receive and then make the label OCM just so i know what i’m using it for i’m just going to create the new receiving address. So you can just copy and paste that address or any other that coin address into the send coin section and type in your wallet password that you set at the beginning and you’ll be able to send the bitcoins to that address so if you hit view transaction it will take you to the bitcoin insight block explorer on your default browser and you can see on your default browser and you can see the transactions details for example here you can see that it said 0.1 vtc to the address that we chose and it has a fee of 0.00019 that coin which results in the final address receiving 0.09981.

Vertcoin Discord

If you have any questions or any issues you can head on over to the Vertcoin discord channel it’s really easy to join because the link is literally just the word Vertcoin make sure to read and follow the rules and once you’ve done that you can head on over to the mining and one click channel where you can ask your questions there. Vertcoin Discord

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