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Vertcoin Hard Fork against ASIC threat at block 1080000

Vertcoin forked from Lyra2REv2 to Lyra2REv3. Source – Vertcoin Wallet 0.14.0 – Lyra2REv3 main network hard fork

Vertcoin Hard Fork against ASIC threat at block 347000

Vertcoin forked from Lyra2RE to Lyra2REv2. Source – Vertcoin Wallet v0.10.0.0 – Lyra2REv2

Second Vertcoin Topic on

„Vertcoin – 1 | ASIC – 0 | Lyra2RE | Decentralised | GPU Mineable | Open Source“. Source –

Vertcoin Hard Fork against ASIC threat at block 208301

Vertcoin forked from Scrypt-Adaptive-N proof-of-work function to Lyra2RE. Source – VertcoinWallet v0.9.0.0 – Lyra2RE

Stealth Addresses

For the first time in the world Vertcoin added Stealth Addresses for Personal Privacy. Source: 1. Vertcoin Wallet v0.8.7.3 Stealth Address 2. Vertcoin | Stealth Address | Release

Vercoin Developers on Bitcointalk.Org

[ANN] Vertcoin Stealth Addresses „We’re working on stealth addresses in Vertcoin“

1 VTC = $11.60

1 Vertcoin (VTC) reaches 0.01398 BTC or 11.60 $ (1 BTC is 830$ on this date) on and Vertcoin reaches 8352000$ Market Capitalization

Kimotos Gravity Well algorithm

Vertcoin added Kimotos Gravity Well algorithm and Difficulty Re-Target Time is Every block. Difficulty adjustment occurs every block (~ 2.5 minutes) as opposed to Bitcoin (~ 2 weeks). Source – Vertcoin specifications

Vertcoin mining it was launched

For the first time in the world Vertcoin added Algorithm – Adaptive N-factor. Vertcoin uses an ASIC resistant proof-of-work mechanism to issue new coins and incentivize miners to secure the network and validate transactions. Vertcoin’s blockchain is maintained by a decentralized coalition of individuals collectively mining using modern graphics cards…Read More

First Vertcoin Topic on

„[ANN][VTC] Vertcoin – Adaptive N-factor in Scrypt – No more ASICs“. Technical Details: Mining Algorithm: Scrypt-N (until Vertcoin Hard Fork Against ASIC Threat At Block 208301, nowadays used Verthash) Symbol: VTC Max Coins: 84 million vertcoins Block Time: 2.5 minutes Block Rewards: 50 coins per block. Subsidy halves every 840,000..Read More has been created. Sources – Search the WHOIS Database